A 4-Step Routine to Recover from Moving Too Much or Too Little

A 4-Step Routine to Recover from Moving Too Much or Too Little

If your mission is whole-body soothing, it makes sense to start with something that will work behind the scenes while you run through the rest of your routine. Lately, we’ve been reaching for an herbal capsule called Zyflamend Whole Body: a blend of ten traditional herbs designed to support a healthy inflammation response in the body. It’s made to provide holistic help for healthy joints, including support for mobility and joint function. It contains ginger to support the body with occasional minor pain or soreness after exercise, plus extracts from rosemary, turmeric, holy basil, green tea, hu zhang, Chinese goldthread, barberry, oregano, and Chinese skullcap. It’s been clinically studied for herbal synergy: The herbs they’ve chosen (like turmeric and ginger) work better together.

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The brand that makes Zyflamend, New Chapter, is offering 20 percent off all Zyflamend products through November 30. Just plug in the code GOOPZYF20 at checkout.

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