Best Cappuccino Stencil Design In 2020

Best Cappuccino Stencil Design In 2020

How often have you turned down a dish or a drink just because it looks bad? Very often, right? That’s because before actually tasting the food, we always eat with our other senses first — we assimilate the aroma and have a quick scan of the visuals. No matter how delicious the dish, if it isn’t presented or decorated well, it is likely to get rejected. So, it all comes down to appearances. And one way to enhance the outlook of any beverage is by using a cappuccino stencil. They come in countless designs, and there is probably a shape for anything you can think of. Making the selection simpler, we filtered out the best designs of this year. 

Best Cappuccino Stencil Designs

Abstract Art

Ordinary stencils have predefined definitions, whereas an abstract allows you to decipher your own meaning. They are incredibly creative and eye-candy to look at. Take this design as an example; the artists have used tiny shapes to craft a flower-like figure, giving out a joyful vibe.

Zodiac signs

Whether you believe in Astrology or not, one thing is for sure; it is fun to read what might be your future. Some people, however; take this very seriously and follow their horoscope strictly. For them, it could mean something extraordinary to have their zodiac sign reflected in their coffee. These cappuccino stencil designs are available in all twelve symbols, representing every zodiac constellation.


As per ancient mythology, a cupid, being the god of affection, symbolizes love, friendship, and happy emotions. It somewhat looks like a baby rather than an angel, having wings and a cute bow and arrow. So, what better way to convey your love for someone than a delicious coffee, having a cupid floating over? It could be a sweet way to express your feelings for that special someone.

Spooky face

Imagine you look into the cup and see a spooky face glaring back at you. Isn’t it thrilling? Not for some, but most of us enjoy getting a good scare. Spooky face cappuccino stencils come in numerous designs, but the one we are talking about has a creepy grim and a vile stare. If you don’t want your coffee to become so dark, there are several other less-horror choices available as well.


Let the evil mistress enhance your coffee with her black magic. It looks phenomenal and so finely designed that it almost resembles the original movie wallpaper. However, it isn’t easy to pull off. The trick here is to sprinkle the topping slowly, especially around the edges.

Star Wars

The reason die-hard fans would invest heavily in Star Wars merchandise is exactly why they would love these cappuccino stencils. There is a design for every main character — Darth Vader, R2D2, Princess Leia, Wookie, and the list goes on. Death star, easily being the most memorable figure of the franchise, will easily win the heart of any Star Wars fan — not to mention, the fine details enhance the overall appeal many times over.

Walking Dog

This can win awards for being too adorable. A small kid walking his dog is a simple yet very cute idea to present on coffee. It is amongst the rarest and highly creative cappuccino stencils that we have ever come across.


These mythological creatures hold a fascination for many, considering the fact that they represent goodness, good luck, and child-like innocence. That is why this could be the best option for a children’s drink. Nowadays, they are symbolized as the figure of freedom for many groups of our society and have a deeper meaning than one can initially depict. So, it could work for both kids and adults.

Big Reveals

Throughout the world, people have adopted creative ways to reveal their secrets, feelings, and future plans. Doing that through a coffee is a great way to convey something, especially If the receiver is a coffee enthusiast. The message could be anything from a proposal “Will You Marry Me?”, Or good news “I Am Pregnant?”. Common ones aren’t hard to find, but if you want it to say something unique, you can go for customized cappuccino stencils.


Dragons are fascinating, aren’t they? — giant fire breathing monsters that can fly. So, why not have one in your cup of coffee? That would be pretty impressive. Out of a myriad of options, choose the dragon cappuccino stencils that look the fiercest to transform your coffee into a monster’s den.

How to Make A Perfect Cappuccino Stencil Design?

How good it looks isn’t mainly about the stencil design but depends on how you prepare it. Here are a few steps to craft a perfect stencil design. Let’s dig in.

Step 1 – Preparing the Milk

Achieving a fine froth layer on top is how you lay the foundation where your design will stand. In order to do that, dip the steaming wand inside the milk just below the surface. Start the machine and tip the pitcher on one side to make a vortex. This will help the milk to create a voluminous froth layer.

Step 2 – Leveling Up

Remove any bubbles that might cause trouble during the process. Make sure the layer on top is flat and even. Otherwise, the design will not form perfectly. Give the pitcher a few swirls to get it leveled and pop the bubbles.

Step 3 – Pouring

Carefully pour the milk on top of your expresso and wait a few seconds. Once the layer is settled, your drink is ready for the design.

Step 4 – Stenciling

Place the cappuccino stencil over the cup or hold it firmly. Make sure it doesn’t move or the shape will be messed up. The easiest way to do that is by holding the rim and sprinkling the powder gradually. The topping can be anything that comes in a fine powder form, including nutmeg, chocolate powder, brown sugar, ground-up cookies, etc. Moreover, one thing that you must remember is that the shorter the distance between the stencil and the cup, the finer will be the details.

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