COVID-19: Ninja Van And NOC Are Joining Forces To Support The Needy, Here’s How You Can Help

COVID-19: Ninja Van And NOC Are Joining Forces To Support The Needy, Here’s How You Can Help

Homegrown companies Ninja Van and Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) have started a ground-up initiative, #SGPAYSITFORWARD, aiming to donate 100,000 care packs to the needy in Singapore.

Based on learnings from past initiatives, vulnerable communities have received an outpouring of support in the form of food donations. Unfortunately, due to excess, donated food may sometimes go to waste.

Instead, #SGPAYSITFORWARD will focus on sanitisation to help beneficiaries protect themselves against the spread of Covid-19.

Each care pack donated will contain $25 worth of essential items like hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial body and hand wash, anti-bacterial wipes, disinfectant solution, vitamin C tablets and surgical masks.

Many needy households are unable to afford these items at retail price, especially when they are in high demand during the pandemic.

Ninja Van and NOC will purchase them at cost price so that recipients can get more items in one kit, providing them with enough to stay safe for at least one month.

What The Companies Are Doing

In this collaborative effort, Ninja Van will procure the products from retailers and suppliers such as FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Guardian and Redmart, and deliver the kits to beneficiaries.

Production company NOC takes charge of media campaigns to reach out to as many donors as possible.

They are both working with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and the National Youth Council (NYC) to identify needy recipients. This will include low-income households, migrant workers, orphanages and homes for the elderly.

Ninja Van and NOC have also roped in other local companies such as Goodstuph, SGAG, Rice Media, The Smart Local, Shopback, Love, Bonito, Carousell, and Castlery to participate and help the needy.

Vulcan Post, and our parent group GRVTY Media, are also proud partners of #SGPAYSITFORWARD.

These companies team up to provide their services — from logistics, to printing, to production — as a volunteer effort, which means none of them will profit from their contributions to the campaign.


While every Singaporean received a $600 Solidarity Payment from the Government in April, some members of the community need additional support to tide over this difficult period.

Being stuck at home during this ‘circuit breaker’ doesn’t mean we can’t reach out and do our part.

Through #SGPAYSITFORWARD, anyone can lend their support by purchasing a care pack from the comfort of their home, while the local firms make sure it arrives in the hands of the needy.

A care pack can help a recipient take care of their personal hygiene and sanitisation of their living areas for at least one month, making this a practical way to help keep the community safe.

Want to do your part? Visit to purchase a care pack for $25, and share this initiative with your friends and family.

This article is written in collaboration with Ninja Van and Night Owl Cinematics.

Featured Image Credit: Forbes, Night Owl Cinematics

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