Regular Skateboard vs Electric Skateboard

Regular Skateboard vs Electric Skateboard

Skateboard is a small board mounted on wheels to
perform athletic stunts. The origin of the skateboard is not known correctly.
Initially, skateboards were made for the surfers to pass their time when there
is low tide. In the season of low tide, the surfers used to get agitated. To
save themselves from the boredom skateboards were created. The surfers started
surfing on the roads. The shape of the skateboard resembled surfboards.

They had wheels and they were a little smaller in
size. With the publicity and popularity of the skateboard, many other people
started skateboarding. They followed them in their tricks and a new trend
started. Skaters used to gather and perform all their tricks. With increasing
demand, the championship of skating was also held. In this competition many
people took part. They performed certain stunts to earn points. Skateboarding
became a famous sport. Later with time, manufacturers made many changes.

In 2012 a manufacturer was successful in launching
the first electric skateboard. It was revolutionary. There was no concept of
using a battery for skating. The use of an electric skateboard has made life
more exciting. This technology is awesome. The electric skateboards are a step
forward for athletes to increase their fun for skateboarding. There is a grave
difference between electric and regular skateboard. Some of them are listed

1. Speed

The regular skateboard requires a push to start it.
Greater amount of energy is needed for a regular skateboard. The speed on the
regular skateboard is difficult to maintain. Whereas for electric skateboard
the speed can easily be maintained. There is no need to push continuously on an
electric skateboard as in regular skateboard. The speed of the electric
skateboard is far better than the regular stake board.

2. Purpose 

A brand new beginner uses a carbon fiber electric
skateboard. If you are new to skating and you want to travel long distances or
use it for transportation we advise you, an electric skateboard. If you want tricks
and all such stuff then a regular skateboard is our recommendation. 

3. Physical features

Kingpin: The
kingpin in the truck of the electric stake board is present outside the frame
while regular skateboard has its kingpin inside the truck.

Wheels: The
wheels of the long electric skateboard are big and softer as compared to harder
and smaller wheels of the regular skateboard. The wheels of a regular
skateboard are best suited to move you on a rugged surface and if you are
interested in a long journey on a smooth road then you should use a long
electric skateboard. 

The wheels of the electric skateboard are faster than the
regular skateboard. Larger wheels provide a luxurious ride. The wheels of the
electric longboard are sixty to eighty mm in size while the regular board
usually consists of wheels of twenty to forty mm.

Width: Width
is the special feature to consider closely. The electric skateboards are wider
than regular skateboards. The average electric skateboard deck is more than 10
inches. The regular skateboards have a width of 8 inches. 

Length: The
distance between the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail determines the
length of the skateboard. The regular skateboards on average are 32 inches
long. While electric skateboards range between 40 to 60 inches in length.

Wheelbase: The
length between inner mounting holes of the board is the wheelbase. It decides
the location of front and back wheels. For the electric long skateboard, the
average wheelbase is 16 to 20 inches. For regular skateboard, it ranges between
13 to 15 inches.  

4. Weight capacity

The weight capacity of electric skateboards is
greater than regular skateboards. The electric longboard supports an average
weight of 200 pounds. Weight handling in a regular skateboard is a different
thing. Its motion depends upon the effort of the skater. Less weight of the
skater is preferred.

5. Power battery

Lithium iron rechargeable batteries make electric
skateboard powered. This technology is safe and useful. The charging time of
batteries varies. Batteries usually take one hour to get charged while some
take more than five hours. Batteries are replaceable and removable. The power
of the battery is given in watts (W). The large value of watts indicates the
fast speed of the board. The electric boards range from 800 to 2000 W of
battery power. The electric board has also an option of single or dual drives.
The single drive provides power to one wheel while dual drives move both
wheels. All such options are absent on a regular skateboard. One has to be
mechanical to use a regular skateboard. One cannot even think of cruising while
using it. 

6. Braking system

This efficient system is only present in long
electric skateboards. The electric boards accelerate at a high rate. They need
efficient brakes. When brakes are applied electricity is stored in the battery.
It helps to increase the range and recycles the lost energy. The regular stake
boards lack an efficient system of braking.

7. Price

Low-quality electric skateboards are affordable
while boards made by high-quality materials and components have high prices.
The material of regular skateboards and electric skateboards has great
differences. The regular skateboards are cheaper as compared to
. A huge gap in price is present between both. 

8. Safety

The electric skateboards are fast but one should
check for safety first. The braking system of low-quality electric skateboards
may collapse. It can put you at risk. For this regular skateboards are more
suitable. Protection is the main element to consider.

9. Range

The electric skateboards usually have low ranges. It
is seven or eight miles per charge. It is one of the flaws associated with it.
The regular skateboard needs manpower, skills, and ability. Its working
depends on one’s strength.


Each type has its pros and cons. The choice of a
skateboard is related to one’s use and affordability. What matters is that for
what purpose you have to use the skateboard.

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