Style for (Socially Distanced) Dating

Style for (Socially Distanced) Dating

Many of my clients have more time than usual on their hands, so I’ve been encouraging my clients to use the time to try FaceTime and Zoom calls at least to initiate contact. Some dating apps, like Bumble, even have a way to video call (or just voice call) directly through the app, which makes a lot of people feel safer than giving out their number to a slew of new potential dates.

After first meeting on a video call, most clients are having one or two more longer video calls and then moving to a socially distanced in-person date: meeting at a park or going for a walk or going to an outdoor café or restaurant as long as you’re able to sit far enough away to be able to take off your mask—it’s tricky! Another suggestion is to meet for a bike ride, where it’s easier to stay distanced.

Finally, if after meeting while masked, they decide they really want to spend more time together, people are deciding to get tested and then have the freedom to hang out, unmasked, at home. The issue here is you have to be ready to have the conversation of whether you’re seeing other people or not. So that can add some unwanted pressure to the relationship.

Many of my forty-five-plus clients feel less comfortable with video chats, so it takes some coaxing. I’m advising the ones who are still not convinced they should try video chat to try out new texting techniques, to reach out to people they perhaps wouldn’t, or simply to spend this time updating their profile with new pictures.

Which is a great note for everyone who isn’t well versed in taking a selfie—this is a great time to practice at home. Another tip that’s become more important: Before a date, look the person up on social media to see how socially conscious and active they are during these times. That’s becoming a deciding factor for many people.

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