The Vitamin and Supplement Routines of Five goop Staffers

The Vitamin and Supplement Routines of Five goop Staffers

A few years back, we made our five goop Wellness supplement protocols because we knew what we wanted out of a daily vitamin pack: something research-backed, solution-driven, and convenient enough to fit in with our busy lives. Since then, goop staffers have stashed boxes of Why Am I So Effing Tired? in their desk drawers, knocked back Balls in the Air as they zipped between meetings, and leaned on The Mother Load for nutritional support during maternity leave.

We asked some early adopters on staff to catch us up on their protocol of choice, why they chose it initially—and why they’ve stuck with it.

A note: Until September 29, you can get an extra box of Madame Ovary—on us—when you buy one at regular price. Just use code MADAME at checkout. Terms apply.

For supporting metabolism and healthy body weight

Elise Loehnen


chief content officer

“My youngest kid is almost four, and I’m still working on getting back to what feels like my healthy set weight. For the most part, I eat pretty clean. I also work out. The other thing I do that’s been really helpful—and easy, which is key—is take our vitamin and supplement regimen High School Genes. There are six pills per day, and they come in a convenient packet. I take all six at once, but I know some people prefer to break the pills up between breakfast and lunch or dinner. There’s a stacked multivitamin, an omega-3, a blend of antioxidants to help protect against oxidative stress, a blend of herbs for digestive health, and two metabolism-support pills with green tea, Chinese cinnamon, and alpha-lipoic acid. I still have some work to do, but a couple months after I added High School Genes to an already pretty good routine, I felt a shift in my body. I know I need the nutritional support to keep moving in the right direction, and this is so simple—and cheaper than buying several different supplements to string together into a protocol—that it’s a no-brainer.” —Elise Loehnen

For balanced support through perimenopause and menopause

Gerda Endemann


senior director,
science and research

“I don’t mind the occasional hot flash, since I get pretty cold sitting at my desk all day. But when night sweats were waking me up at 3 a.m., I decided I had to do something. I started taking Madame Ovary, and I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but the night sweats became way less frequent. And I woke up more refreshed. The daily packets are super convenient, but it’s a lot, so I spread them out over the day. I take the dark-green multivitamin tab and two of the three Thyroid BFFs—light brown capsules with energizing rhodiola—with breakfast. If I want more rhodiola, the third Thyroid BFF goes with lunch. The two tiny round tablets specific to menopause support (we call them Firefighter) seem to work well with dinner. It’s a lot of value in one product.” —Gerda Endemann

For supporting healthy energy levels

Citrine Danzer



“My schedule is intense. I’m in grad school full-time right now. I also work a lot. So one side of me thought it was natural that I was feeling so burned out. The other felt like there was something going on. I tried everything I could think of: getting my blood work done to identify any nutritional deficiencies, seeing a naturopath, weekly acupuncture, massages, bodywork. Those all felt good, but nothing was really helping long-term. So I decided to give Why Am I So Effing Tired? a shot. It’s been a year, and on top of my plant-based diet, Effing Tired has given me an extra dose of B vitamins and omega-3s, and the Ayurvedic adaptogen blend is designed to help me manage my stress so I can get done what I expect from myself every day. Considering how high those expectations are, I also really value that the supplements are individually packaged by the day. It saves me time. And on mornings I’m running out the door, a pack comes with me in my purse pocket.” —Citrine Danzer

For overall wellness support

Kiki Koroshetz


wellness director

“I’m not a supplements person—I’ve never been into taking anything regularly. My husband, though, is obsessed with his goop vitamins and takes Why Am I So Effing Tired? religiously. Same with GOOPGLOW. If he misses a day for some reason, it’s not a good one. And since we’ve both been working from home, this habit of his is wearing off on me. Balls in the Air is my gateway. The protocol includes two multivitamins, one omega-3 softgel, and a few tablets called Superpower Support and Superpower Sidekick. It’s designed for people who keep up an intense pace and are looking for some additional immune system support. Unfortunately, it hasn’t made me less intense—these aren’t magic pills—but they do their job.” —Kiki Koroshetz

For prenatal and postnatal support

Julie Jen


design director

“After I had my baby, my new routine was a huge adjustment. I always felt short on time and absentminded. I would forget about the little things, like keeping up with my vitamins. As a first-time mom, I really wanted to continue taking pre-/postnatal vitamins to replenish my body from my pregnancy and prep in case we decided to have a second baby down the line. But often, I would run out of the house in the morning and forget to take them, and then at night I was so tired, I’d knock out and wake up the next morning having forgotten my vitamins again. I switched over to goop’s Mother Load protocol a couple months after I had my baby. What I love about these vitamins is that everything—two multivitamins specific to new mothers’ nutritional needs, two capsules of omega-3 fatty acids, one cap of choline, and calcium and magnesium to support healthy bones—is packaged in individual sachets, so it’s super convenient. I started keeping a bunch of packets in my bag so I could take them whenever I remembered during the day.” —Julie Jen

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